Guided Meditation for Children- Journey into the Universe

Guided Meditation for Children – Journey into the Universe

Our body is a microcosm of the universe. Enveloped in five sheaths, our body is multidimensional; these meditations will take us to the different dimensions of being, allowing us to experience our true nature. These meditations are wonderfully descriptive and magical allowing children and adults the access into the world of mind stuff. Journey with me into the different koshas or vital sheaths that surround this body; learn to control the senses as we become more aware of them. Take a journey from the ocean to the clouds energizing the pranic sheath. Create your world with the mind as we journey to the realm of all possibilities. Sit under the bodhi tree as your Self instructs you on your path. Realize the Self as you melt into bliss, the world your creation, your playground; then drift off to sleep on a cloud of music, taking you to the source… the beginning of time.


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1. Journey into the Senses (Annamaya kosha)
2. Journey into Energy (Pranamaya kosha)
3. Journey into the Mind (Manomaya kosha)
4. Journey into Knowledge (Gyanamaya kosha)
5. Journey into Bliss (Anandamaya kosha)
6. Instrumental