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Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Irene Ibba

I've just attended Yoga Nidra training in Brussels with Chitra Sukhu. She is one of the best teachers I've met so far in my yogic path. Her teaching is so inspiring and fluid. She taught us to teach from our heart, that's what she does.

Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Ally Marter

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra teacher training course and it was a profound learning experience! Chitra teaches with a balance of wisdom and humor and she was incredibly flexible in adapting her class to meet her students' needs. The course left me feeling inspired and empowered to practice and teach Yoga Nidra. I highly recommend it!
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Natasha Renewed

Chitra is the real deal! Everyone added all the wonderful adjectives about this soul. All I can say is you need to be in her presence and learn from her in order to really understand! I have no words to describe my experiences! My awwww comes from deep within a place I never knew I had!

Yolonda Cameron

I just had an incredible weekend of learning, sharing, healing and bonding with Chitra and other Yoginis for a 25 Hr Yoga Nidra Teacher Training! I now I have a stronger foundation and feel better prepared to share Yoga Nidra both in its purest form and with my unique essence and heart-inspired flavor. I highly recommend Chitra for Yoga Nidra training! And I’m looking forward to taking some of her other offerings.

Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Logan Ferrelle

I highly recommend any training with Chitra Sukhu! I took the Yoga Nidra course in March and it was absolutely wonderful. Within the first 5 minutes of class I knew why I was there! I experienced so much expansion within 2 days. Source was definitely pouring through Chitra and I am grateful for all of the incredible information that was given to each of us in the class. I believe this is a wonderful training and everyone should experience this! Her style of Yoga Nidra is one  of the best and I practice it often and feel a deep sense of renewal and connection after each session. Thank you Chitra!

Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Anette Follinger

3 days with Chitra - and the Yoga Nidra teacher training course was amazing. I’m so grateful. Chitra is a person you'll want to be around to listen and learn from her great knowledge. She spreads so much joy. She is so natural and obvious when she talks and answers the question.
I really want to recommend Chitra to everyone. We would have a better world if people learn from her.
Thank you Chitra from the deepest of my heart.
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Jessica Baum

I did yoga nidra 1 training with Chitra and it was eye opening. When she teaches she is full of so much wisdom you just want more. I highly recommend her trainings because she teaches from the heart. I signed up for her nidra 2 training shortly after the first training because I wanted to absorb more of her inherent wisdom.

Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Stephanie Tupper

I loved every minute of Yoga Nidra level 1 training. Chitra's understanding of energy and energetic effects are woven entirely through this training. Not only do I have an understanding now of how to offer Yoga Nidra, but my overall understanding of aspects of Yoga philosophy has increased exponentially. This is highly valuable training - Chitra keeps her classes small, and we were able to explore and have answered any questions that came up. I highly recommend this course,  and look forward to more training with Chitra.

Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Sadhu Jaya Eric Karanicas

Om Shanti! Chitra brings such a Divine energy to her Yoga Nidra training, words are not enough to express the energy. Chitra's explainations are done in a way to help each student understand the methodology. She fully instills confidence in each student to be able to start teaching immediately after the course. Namaste Chitra

Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Sara Tanita Diana Vilardo

During the Yoga Nidra TTC, Chitra Sukhu brought me to the multiple layers of Self and the Infinite with incredible grace and simplicity. Her laughter and openness makes you feel comfortable and you get more and more into all the knowledge she is giving you access to. She is extremely gifted and talented and wishing to share it with you. I'm really grateful to have met her on my path and strongly recommend anyone to study with her. Om Shantih, thank you, Sara

Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Silke Dökel

I had the blessing to study with Chitra in November 2018. She taught us about Yoga Nidra in a very joyful loving way and made this deep knowledge accessible for us. This course was beyond everything I could ever expect. I had no idea that we would dive in these deep layers of our being. Wonderful! I love it and I can't get enough of it Chitra is a such graceful radiant teacher, so sensitive, caring and loving, bringing light and joy to everyone in her surrounding. The  treasurable knowledge and wisdom she brings to us is unpayable. Thank you Chitra, for your being and your enriching service to humanity. Om Shantih, Sita
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Miryam Gomez

The Yoga Nidra course I attended with Chitra in May 2019 was beyond all expectations. Chitra is an authentic and profound spiritual teacher with a warm loving personality. She delivers her classes with clarity and simplicity encouraging you to ask questions and go deep in your learning. I truly enjoyed every moment of her classes. Thank you, thank you Chitra!. Meeting you, receiving your teachings and energy was a wonderful experience. Om Shanti!
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Jules Baldassarre

I had an amazing experience learning Yoga Nidra under Chitra. She is so knowledgeable and cares to truly listen to our questions and give us the answers that we need. I appreciate her broad perspective when discussing big life questions and seeing life as play, to not take things so seriously. It really helped me to listen to her. She is full of wisdom and is a wonderful role model as I aspire to grow into a confident, grounded, beautiful, intelligent goddess like Chitra (:
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Heather Finn

I can’t express how vital this course is and the life-changing shifts that come as a result. Chitra brings thousands of years of historical knowledge in an easily digestible format. Your mind, body, and soul will recognize it immediately. It awakens within you all you have been seeking.
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Heike Schmidt

I spent a wonderful trip with Chitra, starting in Delhi, then Agra, Jaipur, and Pushkar, then back to Delhi. It was well organized, we were flexible in adjusting plans at every minute and also in how much time I wanted to spend in each place. This way we experienced as individual as it can't be otherwise done each and every place and city. Chitra knew the places very well, as how to navigate within the culture specifics.
We had so much fun, great talks, and many interesting  experiences. I discovered how one can be a center point of attention just by being tall.
The Taj Mahal and the Lotus Temple in Jaipur were my personal highlights, whereas I can't downgrade all the others. For ex. the surprising bike ride through Old Delhi. So many precious moments... thanks for everything. 
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Camille Stehlé

Chitra Sukhu is a wonderful teacher who brings with love and heart deep knowledge, with her humor, shining smile, radiating presence, and inspiring words. It is the second year I have followed a workshop with Chitra Sukhu, this time with Yoga Nidra. A wonderful three days of teaching. Deep gratitude.
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Anne Bomans

I had the wonderful opportunity to follow my second workshop with Chitra this weekend and it brought me exactly what I needed. She can give a loving (but firm and clear) push in the right direction, with the most beautiful smile. You can't do anything but love her and go for what you need to go... Thank you so much, Chitra!
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Madeleine Skogstad

Thank you Chitra, for spreading your wisdom around the world, you are such an inspiration.
I attended a three-day course in Yoga Nidra, I would highly recommend anyone to sign up for a class or a course with Chitra.
It is pure joy, light, and wisdom.
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Chelsea Jo Goucher

I am so grateful to have studied yoga nidra with Chitra! Her course activated my brain, helped me to better understand principles of yogic philosophy, and shed so much light on my Self. I feel equipped to run a yoga nidra class and truly enjoyed her method of teaching through stories, practice, and interaction. I am forever changed for the better because of my experience. Om shanti!

Alex Papendieck

I have made a Yoga Nidra Course by Chitra Sukhu.
She is a wonderful person, with an immense knowledge and experience.
It was a great experience to join her class.
I like the way she teach, her presence, the humour and that she always listen to the students and take the time to explain everything.
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Linda Hickey

I have just completed Chitra's Yoga Nidra training and found it fascinating and informative. The course was very in-depth and I got the opportunity to teach a class under Chitra's guidance. I have learnt so much on this training and Chitra was a wonderful guide. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning about yogic philosophy and specifically Yoga Nidra. Thank you Chitra!
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Erica Eva Freckleton

I had the pleasure of studying Yoga Nidra with Chitra Sukhu and I enjoyed every moment of her class. Her teaching style is straight forward, and thorough. She is a warm and caring person and a knowledgeable teacher. She encouraged us to ask questions and probe deeper into any areas we were unclear on or inquisitive about. I left her class feeling excited about Yoga Nidra and inquisitive to know more. I hope this helps someone.
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Janine Oliver

Chitra Sukhu is a wonderful teacher who brings to life the beauty and depth of yoga nidra practice. I feel confident to teach this practice because of her excellent teaching methods. We had the opportunity to learn a large amount of information as well as practice yoga nidra as a class. I recommend Chitra without reservation!! 
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Rashmi Bismark

I recently completed an online Yoga Nidra teacher training with Chitra in a lovely small group setting with a friend of mine. Chitra skillfully wove together rich practice and philosophy from various South Asian traditions (Sankya, Yoga, Advaita Vedanta, Tantra) along with modern science and psychology plus down to earth, real life applications. It was a joy to participate, and as a practitioner of South Asian descent, it was especially sweet to train with another woman from  the diaspora who lives in alignment with Yoga. Thank you, Chitra!
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Stuart Smith

Nidra Training Post Bliss. The training was fantastic, the hands on practice illuminating, and the teacher was one of a kind phenomenal. I'm so grateful to have Chitra Sukhu teaching this practice, and the Yogi Hari Ashram was a perfect place to receive it. I highly, recommend this training, teacher, and Ashram!
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Els Kemps

I just followed the Yoga Nidra Teacher Training online and it was really great. I’m sad it ended. Chitra is an amazing teacher, very inspiring and authentic.
I learned so much in the past few days. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. I fully recommend!
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Lisa Vee

Thank you Chitra for a truly transformational training weekend. Your Yoga Nidra Awakened Sleep Teacher Training was exactly what I hoped it would be and so very much more. The yoga philosophy teachings received, the format and structure of the course, the practice and feedback opportunities were all instrumental in allowing me to leave my experience of your course feeling confident, well-prepared and inspired to share the practice of Yoga Nidra with others. From the  deepest place in my heart, thank you. Thank you for creating this special container for personal growth and transformation. Aum Shanti. -Satya Devi Jaya
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Krissy Warmack

Just finished the Yoga Nidra training at Yogi Hari's Ashram and I could not be more satisfied, heart and soul, with Chitra's training! She has a way of explaining even the most complex yoga teachings in a way where you just get it. It just makes sense and you can see how it links in with your own practice and lifestyle. And then there's the yoga itself. Her method has the capacity to take you on such a deep journey through the koshas. She gives you explicit instructions on  how to create your own journeys for people to follow, and cultivate that depth in your teaching! Can't recommend this enough!
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Devaki Lammet

Chitra guides you to new dimensions of the ancient yogic technique of Yoga Nidra, with lots of love, humor and knowledge! Very inspiring! I highly recommend her Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Course! Thank you, Chitra , loved every second! ॐ
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Margarita Gita

This happened in a blink of an eye, did not want to let Chitra go, she is not only an amazing teacher but felt as a true friend. Pure and innocent like a child yet so much wisdom and knowledge, and there to listen to every question and to answer with a smile. Thank you Thank you Thank you Namaste
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Cathy Gardner Hoffman

The Yoga Nidra teaching course was wonderful. Chitra shares her vast knowledge in a clear and easy manner. I grew as a person on all levels. What a gift to the world!
Review of Chitra Sukhu's Yoga Nidra training

Nisa Dada

I did a 3 days yoga nidra course with her in Stockholm. She is a teacher that doesn't only know the path but experienced the path. This makes her teachings very grounded and direct. I would highly recommend any of her courses for someone that wants to learn about deeper aspects of yoga. Thank you.

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