Why is the World so Full of Misery, Pain and Suffering?

Chitra Sukhu

Many people ask, why is the world so full of misery, pain, and suffering? When I get this question, I know they're not seeing the whole picture.

Joy, happiness, and expansion also exist. The question then becomes why can't you see that as well? Where is your attention and focus?

Everything, including you, has its nature. True nature and false nature exist in you. The false nature is merely a distortion of your true nature... To play in the world you use your false nature, taking on roles and perceived responsibilities as you engage in the play of life.. unfortunately, most get lost in the roles they play, and identify with the objects of experience, forgetting their true nature.

Once you know the nature of things you can relax and enjoy the show, as you're shown the play of life.

The nature of the universe is to entertain, captivate and hold your attention.

Your "true" nature is pure and lasting and is here to witness, enjoy, and be entertained... your "false" nature is conditioned and changes as the mind/body changes, it is here to be used as a tool to play in this universe...

Know this, Your attention will always be drawn to events, circumstances, and situations that match your nature. Either false nature or true nature depending on your state of evolution and the nature you predominantly identify with.

From the POV of your "true" self as Witness, you may enjoy the whole show, seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, smelling, and understanding all at once; a full-blown sensory experience that is joyous in nature. This is living.

From the POV of the "false" self as a player, you may focus and attend to specific events in time and space, experiencing them through limited perception, and from there experience a limited aspect of yourself. This is the exploration of yourself in form.

Each has its benefits. Each has its allure... but only one allows for freedom and play. The other, if not known and used rightly, will trap you and take you on the ride of your life, from one lifetime to the next... The whole spectrum is contained in the universe. Where is your attention, energy, and focus?

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