Chitra Sukhu's Musings

Chitra Sukhu's Musings

Make friends with your mind. It is your constant companion through life. ⁣

Your mind has been collecting ideas, theories, knowledge and experiences that have been seen through the lens of its ideas, theories and knowledge since birth... a circular, time consuming event that you call "your life".⁣

By the time you near the end of your life, you're heavy with grievances, rigid with knowledge that is not your own, and tired from perpetuating a role that continues to change as circumstances and situations arise. ⁣

Beyond this exhausting play is a vast space that contains everything and nothing at the same time, a space that is not localized and time bound... a space that is continually new and when immersed in it, you experience your immortal self...⁣

A space that allows you the vantage point, to see things as they are, without elaboration, expectations and identification. ⁣

A space that is pregnant with possibilities, while at the same time content to be as it is.⁣

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