Through true meditation we experience a state of cosmic Consciousness, perceiving the whole Cosmos as part of oneself. When you are able to feel connected in this way, love for all nature and Humanity flows forth in every thought, word and action. In this way, You can’t help but make choices that are for the benefit of the planet because it is an extension of yourself. Would you take care of only a certain part of your body? No, it takes the whole body to be healthy in order for you to function well and to have a joyful experience in this world. All eastern sciences, religions, and teachings encourage you to meditate, for lasting transformation. 

True meditation is a happening, It happens when you refine the body/mind system. Meditation isn’t something you do but rather something you prepare for, when it happens it’s because you’ve done the work. 

The work is a system that ends with meditation, and starts with:

Yamas and Niyamas – Moral and ethical system that when observed, helps to keep the energy flowing undisturbed throughout the body and mind.

Asanas – What most people think of as yoga, but actually refers to a posture or seat used for meditation. When we do certain postures combined with breath we’re able to keep the energy (prana) flowing freely throughout the body; when prana flows unobstructed it centers and stills the mind allowing for meditation.

Pranayama – Breath is everything! It circulates the prana (divine intelligence) throughout your physical, emotional, and mental systems. This practice allows for awareness of this divine intelligence that operates at every level of life.

Pratyahara – Withdrawal of the senses into mind so that the internal world is known as easily and vividly as the external world. With control of  the senses mind stills and meditation becomes easy.

Dharana – Concentration/focus brought about by intense control of mind. This allows for you to pierce the veil of Maya (illusion) bringing you face to face with your true nature.

Dhyana – “True” meditation. This is a happening, all the other practices you can do, this you cannot. If all the other practices are done then this is the fruit, the flowering of your work. 

Samadhi – When Dhyana is realized and held for a period of time the natural movement is deeper awareness, Samadhi happens.

~Chitra Sukhu

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