Kim Genkinger

Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Brief info

Kim is the founder of Belgium’s first drop-in meditation center in Antwerp city center. Prior to moving to Belgium, Kim lived in Los Angeles, where she started her long-time love affair with various types of yoga including Vinyasa, Bikram and Hatha. It's also where she started her Transcendental Meditation and Yoga Nidra practices in support of her high-demand, high-stress career in the advertising industry. Since her move, Kim has completed a course in Vipassana meditation, is currently Belgium’s only certified Inner Axis instructor (a breath-to-movement practice developed by Max Strom) and was certified by Chitra Sukhu as a Yoga Nidra instructor. Through her studio, Kim brings the community a range of classes that support busy people with busy minds who are dealing with the stresses of modern life.

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