Irene Ibba

Location: Brussels
Brief info

Irene began practising yoga in 2009 while working as a Biology researcher. Yoga was a
revelation her. She felt immediately a direct and extraordinary connection between the
body and the mental state. In 2012, she's decided to deepen her knowledge and
practice of yoga and attended her first teacher training. Since then many qualifications
have followed and both her personal and professional lives have changed.
She teach yoga because she would like to share the many benefits of its practice,
physically and mentally, with as many people as possible.
Today Irene is on her last year of study to become an Ayurveda therapist, the
traditional Indian medicine and yoga sister, while already practising Ayurvedic principles
in her nutrition and life style.
The more she study and practice yoga, and Ayurveda the more she is convinced that the
only place where we can find true peace and happiness is within us.
She’d like to share with you what she's learned and her own daily personal experience.
Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher (200hrs), Children Yoga Teacher (95hrs), Prenatal-
Postpartum (20hrs), Yoga as Medicine level I (30hrs) Restorative yoga (30hrs) and Yoga
Nidra (20hrs).

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