Our mission is to help provide children with the tools and skills to navigate this world. Lessons are given everyday by life, by nature, it is up to us to recognize the value in each and every lesson, to learn, so that we may live to our fullest potential in a positive and evolutionary way.

The main goal of NAK Camp is to help kids reach their true potential by showing them how to tap into their inner strength and move within to know thyself.  We’ve developed a week-long journey where children can learn to enrich their lives by connecting with their mind, body and spirit, allowing for more of their true nature to shine through. By exposing kids of all ages to yoga and meditation, they can easily begin their path to enlightenment.  NAK camp will provide the framework to help guide children to this enlightenment, through the use of improv and interaction with peers — helping to connect them with not only the outside world, but also with themselves.  Knowing thyself, is the key to ultimate success.

Our mission is to give today’s children the tools they need to become ‘whole’ and ‘one’ with the universe in which we live.

We hope to do this through a fun filled camp where children will learn more about their inner and outer natures through yoga, meditation, ayurveda, creative play, sports, dance, drama and life lessons.

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