Learn techniques to develop your sixth sense. Everyone has the ability to be psychic. In this course you will learn techniques to develop your psychic senses. You can use this ability for your own personal development and also to help your students and clients. This will be a fun, practical, experiential workshop. Some topics we will explore and experiment with:


  • Using the platform of the Yamas and Niyamas of Raja Yoga as the foundation for psychic development.
  • Learning and practicing exercises to strengthen the aura, essential for all psychic work
  • Clairvoyance: internal visualization exercises and techniques to develop the psychic sight.
  • Chakras: what are they, how to see, feel and balance them.
  • Automatic Writing: to tap into our higher self, communicate with our spirit guides; ask questions and receive answers.
  • Auras: developing clairvoyance to see, interpret and balance them.
  • Intuitive Practice: using tools, we’ll practice with others to develop and strengthen our intuitive abilities.
  • Pendulum: learn to use the pendulum for easy answers to practical questions about life, health, partnership, jobs and decisions.

What to bring:

  • journal
  • pendulum 
  • picture of someone you would like to send love and healing to
  • open-mindedness towards yoga and spirituality along with a desire to explore new areas of yourself

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