Do you recall your dreams? Are you aware when you’re dreaming?

The dream state of consciousness is rarely explored yet contains many secrets to and for your waking life.

In this course we will:

• Explore the 4 states of consciousness (waking, dreaming, deep sleep, and Turiya)

• Discuss the history and benefits of dream yoga.

• Understand what lucid dreaming is, and how to lucid dream (lucid dream techniques).

• Practice techniques to move through the different states of consciousness consciously.

• Discover how to tap into inspiration, creativity and higher intelligence through this practice.

• Learn how to purify the koshas (illusory sheaths) so that you may gain access to higher states of consciousness.

In general, If your mind is scattered, unfocused and unstable during the day, then you’ll experience scattered unfocused and distorted dreams at night. Or no dream recall.

If your mind is clear, focused and stable during the day then your dreams will reflect that; you’ll be able to penetrate to deeper layers of mind and have better recall… your dreams will have more meaning and impact when you awaken.

When aware and awake in the dream state, You’ll be able to manipulate your dreams and understand how energy flows and works, this is majorly useful in the physical world when wanting to manifest consciously.

Another MAJOR benefit of Having control and awareness in the dream state, is it allows for You to meet with other beings of light and allows communication/access to your higher self.

I’ve been able to cycle through these different states of consciousness consciously for as long as I can remember, I can show you how.

Next level is yoganidra, access to the deep sleep state while conscious. We will also explore yoga nidra and the deep sleep state. This will give you a deep understanding of the 4 states of consciousness.

Please join me for this course as we dive deep into our conscious, subconscious, unconscious and beyond mind to the 4th state, Turiya.  Om Tat Sat.

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