This is a 5 day workshop or a 7 day Retreat

This course will give you tools and techniques to move through life with ease and grace. I know many of you would’ve loved a guidebook to this journey called life… Well this is the next best thing!

When you live from the state of higher intelligence “Buddhi” you are able to see and feel things as they are, you have access to the whole picture (macro perspective) and in this way you come to know everything is perfect as it is. This will not just be a concept but an actual knowing. 

This is the level I live from and I would be happy to share with you how you can get there.

In this course you will: 

Learn how to purify the Koshas so that “Buddhi” is expressed in our thoughts, words, and actions. “Buddhi” is our true guide. “Buddhi” is our inner Guru.

  • Practice techniques to bring us into the present moment so that you can see and feel how “Buddhi” expresses itself in the world.
  • Go over practices that you can use in your everyday life that will strengthen your connection to “Buddhi”
  • Learn how to communicate with “Buddhi” consciously. Ask questions and receive answers from your inner Guru.
  • Understand and see that we are never alone.

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