You’re a unique expression of consciousness, limited by body and mind, playing in time and space… yet powerful beyond belief! Your birth was no accident; it was precisely timed and intricately orchestrated to sync with the overall dance or play of the universe.

You’re integral to the universal play; your part is, and will take place whether you like it or not. The show must go on!

It is up to you whether you will enjoy the play or not.

Enjoyment or happiness, in the play, stems from presence, whereas unhappiness stems from fear. When you’re out of sync with life, fear naturally arises… fear is born out of ignorance, from “not knowing”, yet the adventure, the excitement of life is had only when you “don’t know”!  The resolution to this seeming paradox is to root yourself in the here and now, this will bring you into natures flow and you’ll be supported by natures infinite source energy while being surprised and awestruck at every moment.

Life is a perpetual show of twists and turns, ups and downs… there is no need to fear, as life’s very nature is one of surprise and intrigue. It is showing you its full range. Putting on a show for you! All its textures, colors and intricate patterns are being shown to you so that you may be in perpetual awe and enjoy the full range of emotions as the energies flow through you. This is why you are embodied! This bodily vessel is equipped with all the features to allow for the energy to move through you in such a way that you may feel, think, imagine, and act in this energetic universe and seemingly create and move energy to your liking. You are here to create and live your individual expression of consciousness and move the play forward so that the play can continue and all may have a wonderful exciting experience in this physical realm…

When you’re done with playing you may exit gracefully by working it into the play. It starts with planting the seed, you do this by desiring to wake up, desire is the seed and the planting… when the longing becomes strong it will start the process and the universe will work it into the play. It might not be in this lifetime, each lifetime is like the blink of an eye in the bigger scheme of things, but it will come to fruition.

Whatever is planted will bear fruit in time, depending on the intensity of focus and attention.

But, don’t short change yourself! Life in the here and now is being shown to you, enjoy it as a spectator and you’ll find yourself being able to spiral out in this life…

Allow your identification with “I” to expand to include all and you’ll come to know “you” in each and everything. This is everlasting bliss, deep wisdom, and abiding truth. You come to know your immortal nature here and now while the body and mind live out its life span, playing its integral part in the whole. Om Shanti.

~Chitra Sukhu

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