Silence, the sweetest sound, why do we say this? Because, inherently we know that there is truth to this, in silence truth is revealed, and that is always sweet… and what is the truth? Truth is contained in “being”.

Silence calls to our essential nature, it’s a yearning that deepens the further we move away from it. Yet, the movement is not one in reality but in imagination; at the core of our being silence reigns and this is “true” reality. Silence calls to our essential nature because it is of the same quality.

In silence duality ends, in silence duality begins… both possibilities are contained here… a pregnant pause in the unending dance of life. This point of silence is contained in everything, it is the seed of every experience, the lifespan and the death of it, all at once, while at the same time being the field in which duality dances and plays. It is our true home.

We naturally move away from our center as we engage in the world; we lose ourselves in private imaginings and in feeling the need to “change” the world. When this happens the outer noise becomes loud and silence withdraws to the background, waiting for that pause in our private creation. In the pause, creation recedes enough for us to catch a glimpse of reality and in this moment we’re transformed.

In silence you’re at the beginning and the end of creation, all at once. In this space a new cycle of creation starts and it is where it will inevitably end; both points are occupying the same space in time. In reality all is happening, past present and future, in the here and now; but in creation we don’t deal with reality only in imagination.

This point, atomic in nature contains the whole creation. When ignited by desire for “some-thing” the creation erupts; comes into being. The creation contains the universal and individual points in time and space. The universal point is more a flowing; it is nature, and the field in which the individual imagines itself into being. Sound is the first activation of the primordial womb, birthing and seeding its creation; this is where it all starts and where it will inevitably end. It’s a cyclical pattern that has its point in time and space and contains within and without, the nature of silence.

Thoughts and words give definition to the energy perceived through mind and senses. This collapsing of the energy creates your unique experience of life. This experiencing is meant to be joyful, playful, but can only be so when perceived and understood rightly. This requires the contrast that silence, when experienced, brings. Only then does nature speak to you in the silence, this communication is not a dialogue but a “knowing,” it is pure intuition.

When you are ready to perceive reality at this level, a tuning into silence is needed. Hearing at this level allows for transformation on every level of your being. All bodies, physical and subtle become fine-tuned to the universal frequency and this allows for optimal health, and true harmony and balance in your life.

It is important to spend time alone without devices, books or other forms of distraction so that you can develop this subtle sense of hearing, the voice of intuition. When intuition is awakened in you, your life will take on a more meaningful, playful quality. Everything in life may be known to you by simply placing your attention and focus on something, intuitively you’ll open up to its wonders. You’ll be reading it’s energetic structure! Each object, person, situation, etc. has an energetic structure, if your sensitivity is deep and your perception sharp, the inner voice (buddhi) becomes loud and the secrets of the universe start to reveal itself to you. This is the gift of silence.

When you’re ready to awaken your subtle senses, I can help, this is my dharma. Find me…

Until then, here are some practices to start with, they will help you heighten your intuitive sense of hearing:

• Upon waking sit in silence for at least 15 minutes (work up to an hour) before starting your morning rituals. Do this in the same place everyday; it could be in bed… but it’s better to have a space solely dedicated to this practice. Progress to meditating during this time when your mind is able to quiet quickly. Don’t force it.

• Throughout the day find moments where you can tune into the breath for 5 minutes or longer. Feel the body expanding and contracting with each breath. Totally present in the body.

• During the day find random moments where you tune into your sense of hearing. Close your eyes and listen deeply to all the sounds around you. Try to pinpoint and isolate certain sounds then bring one sound and then another to the forefront, alternating and combining sounds.

• A variation on the above practice is to hear the words as just sounds, disregard the meaning, and when hearing sounds don’t classify or clarify what they are, just feel them as vibrations in the body.

• During meals, eat in silence when possible.

• Take walks in nature alone and listen to natures sound.

• Spend (at least) one day a week alone, no talking, music, devices (tv, computer, phone etc.,) reading or working. You may do activities like cooking, cleaning, exercise etc. The idea is to be with yourself totally… doing things that are relaxing and enjoyable. Not listening to others opinions or words.

• In conversation with others listen deeply, make eye contact and only speak when inspired to or when you can add something meaningful. Hear beyond the words, tune into the energies that you’re feeling when the other speaks.

• When you decide to do something, do it! If you make a promise, keep it! Thoughts and words are powerful and when you follow through with them your higher self (buddhi) is confirmed and its presence becomes stronger and louder in your daily life.

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~Chitra Sukhu

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  • Milfred Carbo Caceres
    Posted February 9, 2021 5:02 pm 0Likes

    Muy cierto…ahora que esta lo de la Pandemia hay mas silencio que nunca….,puedo escuchar mas los pajaros y otros sonidos a los cuales antes no le daba tanta importancia. Y no es solo tener la oportunidad de escuchar…,es mirar mas al cielo,sus colores y el brillo de las estrellas en la noche. Es hermoso! Namaste, Chitra 🙂

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