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Spiritual Consultations - FAQs

These are common questions that can only be answered at the level that you’re asking. In a spiritual consultation, the questioner matters. The person asking the question allows for a certain answer to flow through me, and it’s what is needed for you at the moment.

Truth is always absolute. Your identification with “ego” allows for the perception of relative truth, which allows for experiences to be had, emotions to be felt, and a story to be lived… In other words, you’re relating to a perceptible world that changes as your mind changes. This means that there’s nothing absolute about your perceptions, but rather a distortion of the absolute truth allowing you to “live” a life.

These types of questions will be answered at your level of awareness, not all people will be satisfied with the answer above. Therefore, I will take into account where you are and answer accordingly. For some, the answers you’re looking for can point to the absolute, but are not satisfying when delivered at that level.

I will answer your questions from where you are standing and looking in time and space, allowing you to go with me as far as your mind can expand. This allows for transformation at the highest level.

In the beginning, walking the spiritual path requires discipline and practice. I’ll set up a plan that is doable for you. I will take into account your lifestyle, beliefs and desires. From here we’ll go step by step, crafting a plan that you can implement in your daily life, until living a spiritual life is not a practice but your natural way of being in the world.

This question is simply asking, “How do I come to know myself as I truly am?” A spiritual consultation is the start of wading through your beliefs, ideas, thoughts, conditioning etc. that keep you from knowing and experiencing yourself as you truly are; A Divine Be-ing!

If you’re feeling lost, confused, depressed, afraid, or simply have way more questions than life can answer, I can help you to see more clearly. Depending on your reason for the consultation, we can wade through your specific distortion of mind together and come up with a solution to your immediate issues or long term goals.

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Ayurvedic Consultations - FAQs

Ayurveda, the “wisdom of life”, teaches you how to live in balance and harmony with your internal and external environment. When you live this way there is less stress, anxiety, worry and fear… all the issues that cause imbalances in your body and mind. Ayurveda teaches you how to be responsible for your health and wellbeing thereby, allowing you to participate in the process of life.

According to Ayurveda, our physical bodies are made up of the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether) each person consists of a unique makeup of these elements, this is your dosha. Your food also consists of these elements and are the building blocks to a healthy body. If your body is out of balance, we use food and herbs to modulate the elements, bringing your body back to its unique constitution. When the body is healthy your experience of life is better.  

When you are actively participating in your spiritual growth, food becomes a big factor. In obvious ways, we need a healthy body in order to do the many practices like asana, pranayama and meditation. In more subtle ways, if the body and mind are too active it is hard to sit for meditation. Depending on the individual… the vata (air and ether elements) might be out of balance in your body, so we look at this holistically and prescribe certain foods and herbs to help bring these elements back into balance. On another level, as we become more attuned to spirit or Self, we become more attuned to what is happening physically, emotionally and mentally in our bodies, having good habits help us to feel better all around leaving us more time and energy to deal with our spiritual evolution.

Ayurveda is usually referred to as a sister science to Yoga, so there is a relationship. The goal of Yoga is to realize the true Self, in order to do that you need a healthy body and mind so that you may pursue the path of Yoga; the main goal of life.

On another level, Ayurveda works on the Annamaya kosha (physical body), Pranamaya kosha (emotional body) and Manomaya Kosha (mental body) in a hands on way, allowing for purification of these koshas. When all koshas

(sheaths) are purified, you may experience your true nature. The state of Yoga.

During the consultation we’ll determine your prakriti (original constitution) as well as your vikruti (imbalance) and  from there we’ll work on a regimen to bring you back into balance. This will include changes to your diet and lifestyle, as well as herbal supplementation to pacify immediate issues and balance doshas. This will bring you back into a healthy state over time.

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Workshops FAQs

Transformational Travel FAQs

Dream Yoga, Ayurveda for Daily Life, Yoga Nidra | Awak{end} Sleep™ Teachers Training Course, Intuition Workshop, The Secret of the Right Vibration, Tantra: Techniques for Transformation and Liberation, Renovate your Life, Awakening the Guru Within, Mediation Retreat, Meditation Teachers Training Course, Spiritual Family Retreat, Youth Yoga Teachers Training Course, New Age Kids Camp.

My courses are very in depth and thorough. Depending on the workshop you’re attending… my teachings allows for certain information to be disseminated and certain issues to be addressed. In general, my teachings range from the Micro to Macro perspectives allowing you to see life from many levels. I also engage with students in Q&A throughout the course to allow for deeper understanding of the material being taught.

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This will depend on the workshop you’re taking. Find this information on the individual workshop pages.

Transformational travel allows for you to come home changed in some way for the better. It is usually an inner journey or quest that is needed for true transformation to take place. With a spiritual mystic as your guide you will be able to enjoy, navigate and understand the inner journey while traveling the outer landscape.

India is the birthplace of Yoga, Vedanta, Tantra, and many mystical traditions taught today. India is steeped in mysticism. This might be hard to see on the surface, as even the Indians are becoming more westernized, but it is there… it is in there traditions, culture, mindset, and there DNA. India is a microcosm of all the best, the worst, and everything in between, the whole spectrum is represented there! This environment makes it easier for me to teach you about life at the deepest level, and about yourself in relationship to life. In this environment, I’m able to expand your mind and show you possibilities that weren’t there before… and when you are totally open and present, I can show you sites that will take your breath away. All this in India, I haven’t found anywhere else that can provide so many opportunities for growth and transformation while having a good time enjoying spectacular sites.

The tours are one on one, or a small group of 2 to 3 of your close friends. This will give you the time and space to ask questions throughout our time together, questions that can be answered at the deepest level. I am willing to go as far as your mind will comprehend and if possible give you glimpses of a state beyond mind.

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General FAQs

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