We all have the need to connect with others, to find commonality, meaning, to feel that sense of coming home. 

Our feeling of home is a state that our physical and subtle bodies are vibrating at, a frequency our mind and bodies hold and reside on. 

When another is naturally holding the same or similar vibrational frequency as us, we feel at home. That person feels familiar, like family.

This is because when you’re on the same wavelength as someone and discussing issues, you’re seeing things the same way, every-thing in that dimension is understood as you’re standing in the same locality in time and space (present in the body) and seeing issues, beliefs, ideas and things through similar filters. 

You’re vibrating together…

Each dimension has filters through which you perceive the world. Individual filters (mind) and Universal filters (universal mind). These filters allow us to experience and play in this Maya (illusion). 

When you “change” you are essentially shifting dimensions. This is when you experience disharmony in relationships. You’re seeing the world through different filters and you argue and debate trying to get the other to see what you are seeing. 

This is futile unless the other is willing to shift frequencies, even for a brief moment, to stand with you and look… only then are you truly understood… if not you will be talking at each other, not getting through, for you will be speaking across dimensions. The other is not able to see what you’re seeing for they are vibrating at another level. This is what happens when relationships fail. The other has shifted dimensions and is now residing elsewhere vibrationally. 

Know that at every dimension there is some sort of truth; it is not the ultimate truth, but a hazy truth and there is also massive distortion… and only when all filters are removed do you see clearly. 

This state is enlightenment. 

The filter is the mind. The body and senses are an extension of the mind, the more refined the mind the more refined your perceptions. 

When you go beyond mind there is only “being” no thought or opinions because the divisional factor, the mind, is transcended and there you are… immersed in “the field,” the source, your true home. 

This is the Ultimate connection, the one most are unknowingly looking for yet settle for a watered down version, connection with another. 

Friendships, romance, relationships, and sex are just a few ways many choose to connect, to exchange energy in hopes of fulfillment. 

One area that many people have issues with when wanting to connect and stay connected to someone is in love relationships… In relationships you are continually harmonizing your energies physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually and spiritually over the span of your life in order to stay on the same wavelength and not lose each other.

Some ways that you naturally do this are listed below.

On the other hand, if you find yourself at odds with your partner and want to continue to be together, you can find ways to incorporate some of the practices listed below. The more you connect on each level the stronger your bond will be.


  • Make love
  • Sleep in the same bed
  • Hug and kiss often
  • Gaze into each others eyes
  • Hold hands


  • Share your life stories of happiness and sorrow
  • Create peak moments together
  • Share in the chaotic dramas of family and friends
  • Fight for similar causes
  • Create unnecessary drama with each other
  • Create rituals that you do together with only your partner
  • Have meals together


  • Spin dreams of a bright future together
  • Plan anything (a future, an event, holidays etc.)
  • Work on a project together
  • Reminisce on the past (how you met, peak moments etc.)


  • Debate on current issues
  • Read a book, see a movie, attend an event; and discuss it
  • Share and discuss your political stance
  • Criticize and judge others


  • Pray, meditate attend Church or Satsanga together
  • Make sacred, loving vows to each other
  • Hold each other accountable in moral and ethical issues
  • Strive together to live a life that’s in alignment with your spiritual values
  • Spend time in nature (walks, camping, hiking etc.)
  • Devote your time to a worthy cause together (karma yoga)

These are just some of the ways that you can bring your vibrational frequency closer together, can you think of other ways? Please add to the list by commenting below.

~Chitra Sukhu

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  • Chris Grgurovic
    Posted June 23, 2020 4:12 am 0Likes

    You are truly enlightening to my personal experience, and new-agey as that sounds, it is genuinely lawfully resonant to learn by your teachings-example. It appears to me in your form, the highest ideal role model, the divine Atma. Thank you Chitra Sukhu, Chris Grgurovic.

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